Website & Trial Hangs

Rebecca & Sarah working away on the website this morning. Went down to the gallery this afternoon to show Sarah the gallery & met with Andy who had come through on his motorbike. He was pleased to be able to put it in the gallery while we went a walk and a sail on the pirate ship. Noticed that the roof is leaking straight onto the fluorescent lights. Have reported to East ST Art. I popped into town to get some photographic prints of “Our Town” After more revisions and consultation the website is ready to be published. It is live now!! Very exciting. Facebook & Twitter accounts also setup ready to start publicising the gallery.

Back to painting walls in the gallery –there are a lot to paint. Rebecca and I spent 3 days painting and by the end we had most of the space behind the checkouts painted white. We had a trial picture hang to see how it might look (and to give ourselves some encouragement) Yes it is starting to look like an art gallery.

This weekend is Makara Morris’s 10th anniversary (the team we dance & play with) we spent the day with them dancing, playing, driving, dancing, playing eating etc. A good day although quite long and very wet. I enjoyed playing to the cows in Mr Moo’s ice cream parlour. We even danced in the gallery to get out of the rain. It was good to see it being used, and the music sounded fantastic. By Sunday we were both really tired so we had a “day of rest”. We both felt tempted to go down to the gallery and get on but I think we benefited from having some time off. We certainly felt fresher this morning (Monday) and full of energy.

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