A Scream in the Desert

So a lot has happened since my last entry. Here is what I remember – not necessarily in the correct order! Shutters, external doors & bollards have been painted. Roof & guttering fixed (although we need a good downpour to test this) I am well on with doing a series of 9 black & white paintings of “Signs on the Street” to display at the checkouts. We have more or less done all of the white wall painting we can for the moment. Itching to get the quote for building partition walls around the fridges from Marcus. We are paid up members of East St Arts now.

Rebecca has been cleaning the checkouts and stripping them of all their extraneous bits and pieces of metal. That whole area looks so much better and we have a crate full of scrap metal which we hope to get something for. I have started another set of paintings a series of 7. A symbol or shape standing for a human head containing various other symbols of danger, death, disease, warning – all inspired by a passage in the book “World Without Words” about the storage of transuranic waste in the New Mexico desert. It needs to be protected for the next 10,000 years because of nuclear contamination. The US government are surrounding it with massive earthworks and Stonehenge like granite pillars with warning signs. A team of “experts” is trying to devise signs that will convey the “danger” message to future generations who may not speak any present day language. So far the results look pretty pathetic. The passage describing this in the book is titled “A Scream in the Desert” because one of their signs includes a human face resembling Edward Munch’s painting of “The Scream” To me the title also suggests the phrase (biblical?) “the voice of one crying in the wilderness” My paintings are a response to all of this. Perhaps a more generalised warning sign – DANGER : HUMANS !

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