London & Bhupen Khakar exhibition.

Well the quote for building internal walls came in yesterday!!! We have been in touch with East St Arts to see if they would be able to contribute to the cost of this. We have just got their reply – on the train to London- and they feel it is too expensive. They have offered us the use of some temporary exhibition panels that are currently stored in Keighley. We have discussed this and both Rebecca and I feel that moveable boards would be a useful addition to what we have in mind for the gallery; but in order to make the impressive exhibition space we have in mind we still want to go ahead with panelling all around the edge of the room, and boxing in the fridges, even if we have to pay for it ourselves. Our builder Marcus will be able to build so we can dismantle and use again if or when we have to move out. The weather is getting worse the further south we go. We are looking forward to our week away in London both as a break from the cleaning and also to see other galleries cited in industrial buildings. We are both full of ideas for our space we are looking forward to seeing what others have done.

Tate Modern in the morning to see Bhupen Khakar exhibition, a revelation we had not seen his work before. Gentle, patient & tender (Rebecca’s word) graceful and sometimes mysterious often very powerful and moving – especially the paintings about homosexual love. Tate has a great slogan “See Great Art For Free” otherwise the building itself was its usual oppressive confusing self. Too big, too heavy with inadequate signage. Afternoon a tour of the Houses of Parliament arranged through Sir Greg Knights Office. A fascinating place full of history of course and very human stories. Well worth a visit. Evening was spent watching the Threepenny Opera a very full, thought provoking and enjoyable day.

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