“Hi ho hi ho”

Down to the gallery this morning with stepladders, paint, brushes, rollers etc., with high hopes of starting to decorate. In fact we spent the whole day sweeping the floor! We filled about 10 plastic rubble bags. Also managed to move two of the chiller cabinets to the section with the immovable fridges so we can get that section neatly boxed in.

Both absolutely shattered this evening. Nice hot baths and another early night. A successful day though. You can actually start to see what it will look like as a gallery. Maybe some decorating tomorrow. P.S I am getting very interested in Bosch.

Sunday is not a day of rest for us “Hi ho hi ho” it’s off to work we go and another 5 hours of cleaning preparing and painting the one wall we can by the checkouts. We managed to cover most of this wall with paint. It looks miles better but it will probably need another coat. Ideas keep coming up as we work. Yesterday Viv bought in a tin of chalk paint she didn’t need at home. This set me thinking about painting some panels to cover the pillars in the gallery- using signs & symbols for the “Garden of Signs” exhibition. I would use household paint for these. Last night we decide to ask for donations of leftover paint. This would mean I get paint and people can dispose of their unwanted paint. It will also be good pre-opening publicity for the gallery and get people involved in” their” gallery. We would like people to feel welcome at the gallery and free to drop in when we are open – to make it a very accessible space. I have an idea for a wall of photographs of Bridlington called (maybe) “OUR TOWN”. Sarah showed me how to use the filters on my digital camera. I have been using these on some of the shots I already have in the camera and have come up with some promising and exciting prints. Must see if I can do larger prints of them to exhibit.

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