Strange room

Strange room

There is a strange room by the entrance in the space that will become our gallery. We have decided to clean it up and use it for storing canvases starting with the ones in “The Shed” Other exhibitions in the pipeline are another outing for “The Playford Paintings” (first time in Bridlington) – that’s in April/May and first half of June.

Then an exhibition about words and language which at the moment I am calling “Babel” = starting middle of July and going through to the end of October. Rebecca is looking into the possibility of applying for an Arts Council Grant to help with that one.

We went down to the gallery this morning to deliver some more canvases. Most of the aisle shelving is dismantled now and Arran has started to take stuff to the tip. You really start to get a feel of the sheer amount of SPACE we have. Very Exciting! All sorts of ideas sparked off by the move.

Ideas generated so far:

Viv has plans for a huge ceiling to floor textile hanging using materials from the beach, incorporating patterns made by the staple used to join the pieces together.

This fits in with my idea of a floor to ceiling curtain using my collection of Flotsam & Jetsam suspended from nylon thread and my Flotsam & Jetsam paintings.

It’s also a great space for performance art which links in with the idea of the “Bridlington Contemporary Open Space Festival” my alternative to putting on an “Open Exhibition”. The idea is to put out the message – “we have a great open space – if you have any ideas for ways in which you can use the space in a creative (performance, installation, music, dance, poetry, sculpture, whatever) Let us know and we’ll see what we can do. Maybe putting aside a month for this festival.

After watching “Cinema Paradiso” last night we also thought it would be a great space to show experimental/ avant-garde films.

Ideas generated by moving paintings from home to gallery.

Seeing some paintings again for the first time in several months. Some abandoned or put aside when they felt tired or unsuccessful. Looking at them afresh many of them now seem more promising and could be developed further – among them

Views of Bridlington Manuscript Illumination Large Word pictures.

Exciting times ahead !

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