An Invitation to Women Stories

“Women’s Stories” an event to be held on International Women’s Day 8th March 2020 at Bridlington Contemporary 11.30am-3.30pm 

This project celebrates women of all ages who, through their personal stories represent female archetypal roles which resonate with milestones in the stages of a woman’s life. Rites of passage for women are distinct from archetypal transitional stages such as delineated by Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell, which refer to events experienced largely by men and are now culturally outdated.

Women’s roles have expanded beyond the traditional compass of familial responsibilities. Not only have women secured leadership roles in the workplace, but they have altered the scope of their opportunities to create lifestyles which touch the heart, allow them to speak their truth, and empower them to bring change into our global social environment. The Women’s Stories project outlines events in Women’s lives in the past 50 years. The stories are about women, as told by women, and through story-telling, bring contemporary women’s archetypes to life.

The format of story-telling focuses on a particular time in a woman’s life that has been life-changing. Each raconteur chooses to speak of a moment in her life when her world shifted, through physical changes of sexual development, or mirrored self-perceptions in the eyes of men and/or other women, or through acts of kindness or abuse. This shift, which changed her ideas of herself, created new meaning in her life and changed her life path.

Each women recounts a time in her life which has been life-changing. In the sharing of her memories, she touches on events which are deeply meaningful and charged with emotion. The “art” in the story-telling lies in how that woman creates her new self-identity. This process of revisioning her past, through piecing together memories and reliving choices and chances, transforms her understanding of herself. Each woman’s story is a reinvention of her life. The choice of a personal archetype reflects that reinvention and opens the way for new possibilities. As women come together to share their stories, they feel the joys and sorrows of each other’s experiences. Through listening to another woman’s story a sense of having things in common takes on momentum, and solidarity and empowerment emerge. The story-tellers’ self-proclaimed archetypes celebrate uniqueness in their diversity and heart-felt connection to each other.

Samantha Kazarinov-Hawk



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